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About Learning Lab Academy

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

About Our Learning Center - Tutoring and Alternative Education in Tucson

As long time educators, the William’s are strong believers that “learning how to learn” is a necessity for individuals in our society. Whether your student is catching up or interested in enrichment, they believe that parents are wise to invest in their child’s early years. They know that the skills they learn when they are young will provide a solid foundation for the remainder of their lives. They are continuing the great work that the founder of The Learning Lab began in 1989, by providing the high quality educational programs that were established and more.

The Learning Lab is accredited by North Central Association for its Middle School and High School programs so that all credits transfer to other accredited schools. Tutoring programs are available for students in Elementary through the University classes. These programs also include SAT and High School Entrance exams.

The Learning Lab Accredited Academy Programs provide a full range of services at your convenience. The Learning Lab programs include Middle & High School Courses, Elementary Tutoring, and Diagnostic Testing & Evaluations.

Play Attention and Sensory Integrated Programs which are offered at our The Learning Lab were developed by NASA for the astronauts. Individuals develop a strong skill in the ability to pay attention and focus on their studies. This innovative technology uses edu-biofeedback to improve attention, concentration, and response control.

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