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Help for students challenged with learning barriers

Tutoring Tucson - Learning Lab Academy - Math, Reading, Science HelpIf your child struggles with achieving good grades, a Visual or Auditory Processing deficiency could be the problem. Often, children diagnosed with learning disabilities receive extra help in school and still continue to have trouble.

Sometimes students who are tested don’t “qualify” for additional support in public schools. Unfortunately, most support programs do not address the Neurological causes of these learning difficulties.

Learning Lab has a documented history of helping students improve these Processing Difficulties. We use Sensory-Integrated Exercises in a highly structured, Language Development format which provides both Visual and Auditory Processing practice. Reading, Writing, Spelling and All Academic Areas show Significant Permanent Improvement.

Your child receives:

An Auditory and Visual Memory diagnostic evaluation
Placement in a specially designed Sensory-Integration Program
Multisensory, Interactive Therapy sessions four days per week
Additional supplemental Subject Area instruction.
Nurturing instruction by Specially Trained Teachers

By strengthening Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Processing, your Child gains the confidence to achieve at much higher levels. Your Child will find learning easier and more enjoyable.

Call The Learning Lab today. Help your child overcome barriers and become a life-long learner!