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Help students learn attention and concentration skills

Tutoring Tucson - Learning Lab Academy - Math, Reading, Science HelpBased on technology originally developed by NASA as a part of their pilot training regimen, Play Attention has assisted children in making significant improvement in their levels of Attention and Response Control. By accompanying Play Attention with personalized coaching and behavior modification strategies, a Child’s attention skills can improve permanently.

To identify a Child that can benefit the most from Play Attention, Diagnostic Testing can be done:

Comprehensive Academic Battery
Visual and Auditory Memory Evaluation
Integrated Visual-Auditory Continuous Performance Test (IVA-CPT) to determine levels of Attention and Response Control

Offered exclusively at The Learning Lab, students acquire many benefits with the Play Attention system:

Following a series of auditory directions:

Correctly completing class and homework assignments promptly
Reducing fidgeting and arguing over homework
Improving grades on assignments and tests
Increasing self-esteem and confidence.

Play Attention uses a bicycle helmet with built-in sensors that monitor brain waves associated with focus and cognitive processing. Edu-biofeedback is presented in a video-game format along with strategies to maintain concentration and minimize distracting behaviors.

Play Attention for more concentration!

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