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Mission Statement & Policies

“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tutoring Tucson - Learning Lab Academy - Math, Reading, Science HelpThe Learning Lab Mission

The Learning Lab seeks to assess and develop individualized instructional and learning programs of the highest quality that permit and promote success for each student. Assistance from our instructors will always be appropriate and encouraging as they strive to assist students to the highest level of understanding course concepts. It is the ultimate goal that each student becomes a self-directed learner as academic challenges are met.

The Learning Lab Policies

The Learning Lab is a private optional and special function school that accepts applications for enrollment from all. If a student is accepted, enrollment is voluntary. Parents may withdraw a student, at their discretion, with no refund of prepaid tuition or fees. Only fully and successfully completed course credit can be transferred; no transfer of partially completed credit can be made.

In order to provide an environment conducive to learning, all students must observe all school requirements or they will be asked to leave. Students not adhering to all requirements and proper deportment are subject to immediate dismissal without the refund of any paid fees, tuition, or transfer of any academic credit for partially completed courses. By completion and submission of The Learning Lab application, the student and parents have read, understood, and accepted these policies.

Student learning goals are based on assessments and/or needs expressed by parents, the student, and the school director. Since each student is provided an appropriate individualized instructional curriculum, credit is given on a performance basis by means of successful completion of all assignments and assessments. Therefore, length of time needed in order to earn credit will vary depending on a student’s ability, processing capabilities, responsiveness, and motivation. Rate of progress will be determined also by the understanding of prerequisite skills.

The Learning Lab offers both complete full-time educational programs and part-time educational programs that may constitute an integral part of a regular elementary or secondary school program being completed elsewhere. All students are expected to be actively engaged in their challenging and rigorous educational program at The Learning Lab. Each student will need to work on assignments at home and bring completed assignments to the following session at The Learning Lab.

All full-time students are required to have a diagnostic assessment prior to enrollment and an annual follow-up assessment. These assessments may be required of partially enrolled students. Written progress reports will be mailed monthly to parents. Personal and/or telephone conferences will be scheduled on as as-needed basis.

The following requirements apply to all students:

  • Cooperation with all instructors
  • Compatibility with all fellow students
  • Completion of homework, accurately and promptly
  • Achievement of all assignments and assessments
  • Respect and observance of all Arizona state laws, including prohibition of the use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drug use on the premises and area surrounding school

The following will not be permitted:

  • Vulgar, aggressive or inappropriate language
  • Inappropriate clothing
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Mobile telephones