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Specialized Help

“There is a brilliant child locked inside every student.” – Marva Collins

Tutoring Tucson - Learning Lab Academy - Math, Reading, Science HelpLEARNING ASSISTANCE
Tutoring—Grades K-University

We integrate the student’s textbooks and class requirements into a unique performance-based educational program.
Specific and clear instruction with established strategies ensures increased understanding and confidence.

Assistance managing daily homework and long-term projects is available
Our teacher to student ratio of 1 to 3 encourages success

Sometimes problems in school occur due to a lack in study and organizational skills. Our unique study skills program teaches strategies for successful learning such as taking notes, studying for tests, managing daily work, using time wisely, listening effectively, reading productively, and memorizing for quick recall.

STEM*—Subject Matter
*Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
Our performance-based educational programs are offered to students at the high school and college levels. Our instruction assures that the student has the foundation and concepts necessary and sufficient for mastery in these advanced topics.

Whether your student is catching up or interested in enrichment, invest in The Learning Lab support today so he or she can benefit right from the start. Depending on the student’s needs and level of proficiency, some of the skills we may work on together include:

The Sensory Integration Program (SIP) is a program offered exclusively in Tucson only at The Learning Lab, improving visual and auditory pathways within the brain. SIP therapy uses sensory integrated exercises to target deficient areas. Documented results demonstrate dramatic improvements for students experiencing processing problems.

Contact The Learning Lab today, your child deserves the credit!

Is attention or concentration difficult? Just PLAY ATTENTION— our unique program that teaches attention and concentration skills.

Help for students challenged with learning barriers
If your child struggles with achieving good grades, a Visual or Auditory Processing deficiency could be the problem. Often, children diagnosed with learning disabilities receive extra help in school and still continue to have trouble.

Help for Students who need another choice
We understand that sometimes students need an innovative academic setting that enables them to master Basic Skills in the core subjects of English, Math, Science and Social Studies. If your Child is in the ih through 12th grade and needs an alternative to traditional schooling, The Learning Lab can help.

Help for Students when reading is a basic concern
Being a good reader is essential to any child’s future.  No matter what your child’s achievement level in reading, The Learning Lab can increase Word Attack, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.

Help for students when writing is a tough assignment
Solid Writing Skills can enhance any student’s future and open new doors of creative exploration.  Whether your Child is experiencing difficulty with getting ideas on paper or would like to improve techniques, The Learning Lab has the right program.

Contact The Learning Lab today, your child deserves the credit!