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To The Learning Lab Staff and Tutors,

We want to thank you for giving Abbey Sweeny the proper instruction that has enabled her to raise her grades, improve test scores, reduce some of her test anxiety, and increase her level of confidence. The Learning Lab staff has given Abbey instruction on Biology, Geometry, English and Spanish. Abbey used to get D’s and F’s on Biology tests and now she is achieving B’s! Abbey’s Biology grade has improved from a O to a B … a high B!!

Her Geometry grade has improved from an F to a B!!! In English, Abbey is learning how to better organize papers and understand Shakespeare. Her English grade has improved from a O to a high C (I expect we’ll see a B in the near future!). Abbey struggles with Spanish …her tutor has given her encouragement and confidence. Abbey’s spanish grade has improved from a O to a C.

Both tutors are teaching Abbey good study skills, study strategies and test strategies. OK, statistics aside …Abbey WANTS to come to The Learning Lab! Do you know what a blessing that is? She works hard and is determined to learn! She feels better about herself because all that hard work is finally paying off …thanks to The Learning Lab!

Abbey used to work hard, fail, and feel bad about herself.

Now Abbey works hard, succeeds, and feels good about her accomplishments!!!

Thank you … thanks to the staff and tutors at The Learning Lab!

With much appreciation … Kathy S. …the proud parent!!

Kathy S.


To Whom It May Concern ~

I started sending my daughter to The Learning Lab in June 2010. Although she was not failing math it was always a constant struggle for her and she was losing her confidence quickly. My thought was to give her the chance to review her math and have more confidence by the time she started the new school year.

Well, it turns out that she enjoyed learning so much that she was excited when it was her day to go to the Learning Lab. She also asked me to continue to send her there after school started so she could get that extra help she needed. I am happy to say she started out as a C-student and is now a strong B student. The teachers at the Learning Lab have worked with my daughter to find the best way to help her understand and not be afraid of math. She is very proud of her accomplishment and gives the credit, not only to herself, but to the Learning Lab as well. The Learning Lab has been very flexible with her switching days so that she can have a study session the day before a test and that has helped greatly.

I have seen a huge improvement in my daughter’s math grade, her confidence in her knowledge of math, but most of all in her confidence in herself. I couldn’t have asked for more.

 Anna R.


Dear Learning Lab,

I am please to write this letter to thank your staff for their dedication and professionalism. I would like to mention that the assessment provided to me by Ms. Denise King helped my husband, my son’s school teachers and me see a clear picture of where my son Antonio stood academically and what where the areas of concern with this ability to learn.

Antonio is currently in one of your programs which will enable him to develop the necessary skills that he will need to learn for the rest of his life if completed successfully. Antonio is also being tutored in Math as well as our daughter Reyna. Since they’ve been in this program they seem a lot more confident and as a result, their grades have improved. I’d like to mention that Antonio was failing several classes and his behavior at school was not the best.

He was being viewed as one of the “trouble-makers/class-clowns”. Since he started attending the Lab, he has not only gotten better reviews from his teachers but he as gone from an “F” in math to a “A-” , I appreciate the fact that the Lab has been very flexible and allowed my daughter to receive math tutoring in a as-needed basis. I am also grateful that assistance is provided to Antonio in other subject areas such as Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science etc. Again, thank you for all you do to provide a great learning and structured environment with competent and caring instructors.

I will definitely recommend this program to the schools, parents and students I know!


Dear learning lab staff and tutors,

I would like to extend a hearty thank you for all the support and excelJent services that Ethan has been provided this year as he completes the play-attention program.

Ethan actually started at the Learning Lab six years ago when, in first grade, he was having problems learning to read. Our private school vice-principal suggested we get Ethan tested for any learning disabilities and recommended the learning Lab. Ethan went through the sensory integration program for about a year and a half and his reading ability soared after that.

In July of 2010, after noticing Ethan struggling with attention for severa’ years, we decided to place him in the play-attention program after learning about it from the earlier time he was here. Ethan has type 1 diabetes, so this seemed a good approach for us in trying to avoid medicating him any further. I have seen marked improvement in his ability to focus and stay on task in his daily life. The program progressively gets more difficult and he has been able to move up with it and now has completed it. Since it is computer-based, it was fun for Ethan with all the games. The friendly and capable teachers were always close by and ready to assist.

I have recommended the Learning Lab in the past to my friends and acquaintances, and will continue to do so.

Thank you!

Utflz~~ Erin E.


Thank You Dear Dr. Frank and Mrs. DiPietro,

It’s been three years since you changed my view of the world. I was about to enter my sophomore year at City High School and reached out to you to help get me into a prestigious seven-day journalism program in Washington, D.C.

Do you remember that?

That first trip to the nation’s capital has never left my mind. I remember the humid summer heat as the other young program participants and I walked Capitol Hill. I remember thinking about the city’s profound history as we passed the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. I remember getting to see Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton from the Senate gallery, just a few weeks before they announced their candidacies for president.

These experiences, of course, were exhilarating and inspiring. They allowed me to return to Southern Arizona with a renewed vision of what I wanted to do with the rest of my high school experience.

That was three years ago—and you made that opportunity possible.

Today, after an incredible first year at Arizona State University, I write this message to let you know that your support in 2007 is still on my mind. I’m back in Washington, but this time, things are a little different. There’s no fundraising involved, it’s my fifth trip to the area, and I’m here for three months.

In July, I accepted an internship with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. I am here living and learning with 15 other brilliant Latino undergraduates from throughout the country. We’ve spent the last seven days preparing for the rest of our time here, and this morning I’ll begin my first day in the office of Colorado Senator Mark Udall.

If there’s one message I want you to take from this short email. it’s that you’ll be on my mind every day on my 20 minute Metro commute to the Senate chambers. I’ll think of the contribution you made in 2007 that truly changed my life, and how, without your support, this passion I have for public policy and service may have never been sparked.

Three years ago you helped send me to Washington. If that was life changing, imagine what the impact of the next 77 days will be.

In a few minutes I’ll head off to Senator Udall’s office. There really are no words to describe my excitement; for now, ‘Thank You’ is all I can say.

Much love, Andres C.