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When your child’s assignment needs a good manager

Tutoring Tucson - Learning Lab Academy - Math, Reading, Science HelpSuccessfully Organized and Completed Assignments are the marks of a student who excels.  At The Learning Lab, your Child learns to apply Good Study Habits that bring better Grades and new levels of Success.

Along with continuous monitoring of progress, your Child receives assistance in:

Implementing good study skills
Using an assignment notebook
Reviewing daily assignments
Prioritizing assignments
Reviewing class and study notes
Organizing and preparing long-term assignments
Preparing for tests and exams
Planning “To Do” lists for follow-through

At The Learning Lab, we are involved with your Child’s Homework and Assignments. We integrate his or her textbooks and class requirements into an individualized instructional program. We pride ourselves on the Excellent Communication we have developed with the Schools in our community and will gladly confer with your Child’s teacher.

Let us help your child become a good manager! Call The Learning Lab today.