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Help for students when writing is a tough assignment

Writing Tutoring - Learning Lab Academy - Tucson, ArizonaSolid Writing Skills can enhance any student’s future and open new doors of creative exploration.  Whether your Child is experiencing difficulty with getting ideas on paper or would like to improve techniques, The Learning Lab has the right program and personalized tutoring.

Your child receives:

A Diagnostic Evaluation of both Composition skills and Language mechanics
An Auditory and Visual Memory evaluation (optional)
An individualized, prescriptive Written Language program
Encouragement to progress at an optimum rate
Personalized attention and tutoring in a caring and nurturing environment

Our experienced, Credentialed Teachers nurture your Child toward the mastery of Written Language using a variety of challenging educational materials and stimulating techniques. Your Child will gain the confidence and self-esteem to become a skilled Writer and a more proficient Student.

Your Child develops skills in all areas of the Writing Process:

Pre-writing Strategies including brainstorming, Outlining, Mapping
Writing Forms; Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry
Revising Methods, Improving word choice and Sentence/paragraph structure
Editing Skills, Grammar, Spelling, Usage, Punctuation, Mechanics
Applying skills; Fluency, Letters, Reports, Essays, Pleasure Writing

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